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I think no matter how much my wife and I travel, we'll always be travel rookies. There are so many places in the world to visit and much is always changing at every destination! It seems like it would be impossible to ever become an experienced traveler that knows everything about every destination and every experience.

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  • 2019-Jul-08 to 2019-Jul-12 : 4 Day Tour of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2019-Jul-13 to 2019-Jul-22 : 9 Day Scandinavia, Russia & Baltic,
    NCL Getaway Cruise
  • 2019-Aug-12 to 2019-Aug-26 : 13 Day Tour of Scotland including 4 Day Islay Whisky Tour
  • 2019-Aug-31 to 2019-Sep-07 : 8 Day Tour of Las Vegas, Nevada Tesla Touring Model X Road Trip
  • 2019-Sep-16 to 2019-Sep-22 : 6 Day Pacific Wine Country,
    Island Princess
  • 2019-Oct-05 to 2019-Oct-30 : 24 Day Transpacific Cruise,
    Carnival Splendor
  • 2019-Oct-30 to 2019-Nov-04 : 5 Day Tour of Singapore
  • 2019-Nov-04 to 2019-Nov-10 : 5 Day Tour of Barcelona, Spain
  • 2019-Nov-10 to 2019-Nov-22 : 12 Day Mediterranean Cruise,
    NCL Epic
  • 2019-Dec-05 to 2019-Dec-08 : 3 Day Baja Mexico Cruise,
    Carnival Imagination
  • 2020-Jan-18 to 2020-Jan-25 : 7 Day Mexican Riviera Cruise,
    Carnival Panorama
  • 2020-Feb-20 to 2020-Mar-03 : 13 Day PDXjazz Festival
    in Portland, Oregon (Maybe)
  • 2020-Mar-10 to 2020-Apr-07 : 28 Day Circumnavigation of Australia,
    Sea Princess
  • 2020-Sep-09 to 2020-Sep-23 : 14 Day Transatlantic,
    Carnival Mardi Gras
  • 2020-Nov-28 to 2020-Dec-05 : 7 Day Mexican Riviera Cruise,
    Carnival Panorama
  • 2021-Jan-17 to 2021-May-09 : 111 Around The World Cruise,
    Island Princess

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